Dear Wales: Your water is about to get more expensive

It is hard enough being Welsh. Your mines closed, most people don't speak Welsh and English people think that's funny either way and Charles is your prince, whether you like it or not. It's tough and about to get tougher as Welsh Water prices are going up.

From April, the average annual bill will rise from £434 to £440. Welsh Water meanwhile, are enjoying half-year profits of £32m.

The company have promised that price rises in the future will be 1% below inflation every year until 2020, but if you lot forget that, they might not bother fulfilling that promise. They are, however, promising to invest millions into making Wales as lovely and watery as possible.

"Our focus is always on doing the right thing for our customers and earning their trust by delivering the best possible service at the most affordable price," said Welsh Water chief executive Chris Jones. "With no shareholders, we've been able to return any gains we make to our customers for over a decade.

"We are delighted that we can keep our price increase below inflation for the fifth consecutive year, at a time of record investment in maintaining and improving our services whilst also helping more than 56,000 customers with their bills."

Unlike English companies, Welsh Water is owned by the not-for-profit Glas Cymru. Thanks to a lack of shareholders, all profits go back into the business. Glas Cymru and Welsh Water says they've been able to invest £1.5bn in water works and the like.

Other water companies today announced that their prices are going up, with Thames rising by 3.4% and Severn Trent, which supplies a lot of houses in mid Wales, are putting up bills too, taking the average to £333 a year.


  • JonB
    "The company have promised that price rises in the future will be 1% below inflation every year until 2020" The price rise from £434 to £440 is about 1.38%. Inflation is currently 2.8% so they have not broken their promise as their rise is 1.42% below inflation.
  • ngih t.
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  • Barry G.
    I have just received my Welsh Water bill this morning and find that my water bill has increased by 2.3% to £726.55 pa. This is an obscene amount which I challenge Welsh Water to justify. They seriously need to look at their costs - they brag about having no shareholders but if they did perhaps they would be more efficient and cost conscious. My dealings with Welsh Water lead me to believe that they need a good shake up!

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