Council penalty for not going green days of getting penalised for not having a wind turbine are soon to come. Homeowners may be required to take steps toward energy savings or possibly face tax penalties under a proposed "green" initiative undertaken by the UK Green Buildings Council.

Groups like the TaxPayers Alliance are furious that homeowners who may already be conserving energy could be penalized for not adding a wind turbine or upgrading their boiler. Mail Online yesterday says the council is proposing "green mortgages" that will allow homeowners to upgrade their homes' energy efficiency with monthly payments low enough that they would be more than offset by lower utility bills. The loans would be for £10,000 to £15,000 and would be repayable over 25 years. Such mortgages would be available through high street banks in partnership with local councils. If a house were sold before the term of the mortgage were up, the new owners would assume the payments. Loans would be made for upgrades such as the addition of a wind turbine or solar panels, or upgrading to a more efficient heating system. Planning rules could be relaxed to allow wind turbines on listed buildings and in conservation areas.

And if the carrot alone isn't enough, some in the Green Buildings Council are proposing sticks in the form of higher council tax and stamp duties for those who don't go along with the initiative. John Adams, of Knauf Insulation will be issuing a report today on the green mortgage plan. He has said he does not believe the energy savings initiative will take hold unless incentives are coupled with penalties for non-compliance. An announcement on possible penalties will not be made until later this year.

The goal of the Renewable Energy Strategy, which is to be announced Wednesday is for the UK to achieve cuts of 34% in CO2 emissions by the year 2020. Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband recently said he wants 7 million homes to undergo upgrades by 2020, and the rest by 2030.


  • Tom P.
    They should stick some of these turbines in the House of Commons, plenty of wind bags in there.
  • Brad
    I bet Mr John Adams of Knauf Insulation wants financial punishments for non-compliance, im sure his company coffers will benefit handsomely. Then again its seems to be in this country these days if they want more money out of you and can relate it to safety or a green thing, you'll be rolling in it!
  • pauski
    The motif says US?
  • Amanda H.
    Maggie Thatcher is still alive?
  • Tom P.
    Vince Wong is a child of the World, and is a former US resident. His roots have drawn him towards the US logo. The UK logo is available here
  • Lumoruk
    I would vote for this and I would hope I was the first in my street to get the solar panels
  • Mike
    The saving will only cover the bill if the government pays the majority of the bill to begin with.
  • Jon J.
    So do you get all the 'green' taxes back (along with interest) when it's proven there is no correlation to co2 emissions and this 'global warming' crap. I wonder why the other planets in the universe are warming when there is no co2???
  • Matt
    So you can have a wind turbine in your back yard but still can't have a satellite dish
  • fu m.
    I live in a grade 2 listed building. Nothing very interesting, yet the council will not let us put double glazing in, stuck with old sash windows. and electric heating. considering i use about 3 units a day in the summer the fact i have to pay £60 a month over the year gives you an idea of how much heat goes out. on a not particularly cold day, lucky to get 21-22 degrees in the place (thats all the storage heaters on full). on a cold snap, about 16 degrees. and the gits won't even let us change the rear windows, where about 20 people can see them, and its not the original 1890's back anyway... grrrr
  • Vince W.
    pauski thanks for pointing that out and tom thanks for the link to UK logo - replaced it now. cheers!
  • Steve
    I rent my home from the local council and still have an old back boiler which wastes an awful lot of gas to heat water and central heating, they refuse to replace it despite bragging about how they are meeting their energy efficiency targets. The council should put their money where its mouth is. Maybe I should be able to penalise them.
  • Mike H.
    For fucks sake, when will people wake up and smell the bullshit. Global waming is a fabrication dreamt up by politicians to keep them in jobs and make them a shit load of money, numpties.
  • The B.
    Ah, the mail online, that bastion of sanity and unbiased journalism.

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