Clean energy costs will triple and you'll be paying for it

We've spoken about the real cost of carbon tax before, but it is still a pressing concern as reports state that we'll be coughing up even more money for our energy bills as the cost of covering greener energy will triple by 2020. And that's according to government officials, for what it's worth.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey is going to let utility companies triple the renewable energy levy to £7.6 billion, according to a spokesman at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

This is all part of the plan to replace old power plants and reduce greenhouse gases.

"It’s the most significant change around in the energy market for more than 20 years," said Gordon Edge, director of policy RenewableUK. Of course, with this move, 250,000 jobs will be created, but it isn't hard to imagine that support for renewable energy could wane if everyone is faced with increasingly high bills. However, if companies aren't relying on wholesale gas prices, might we see a drop in cost, eventually?

Not likely.



  • badger
    250,000 jobs?? A completely invented figure, plucked from the air.
  • foxes
    I don't like to be too cynical but it's very obvious to me this is a clever way to move more money from the poor to the rich. Those who can afford to buy a wind turbine or a solar panel and get us mugs to pay for the fuel it produces.
  • brian
    And dont forget, parking meters,yellow lines,24 hour traffic wardens and congestion charges were all invented to help the poor motorist.
  • Brain
    A very British solution. 1) Impossible to explain to public why they can't have Jam today. 2) Wait until the last possible moment so you don't upset the masses by investing wising. 3) Realise if the public are that stupid, you may as well fleece 'em anyway. 4) Pretend to be concerned when prices go up. 5) Rinse and repeat.
  • Bernie C.
    The sandal wearing greenie nutters who want to believe the sky is falling should volunteer to pay for it. The rest of us should be exempt.
  • catweazle
    The only way they'll create 250,000 jobs is 250,000 human sized hamster wheels linked to generators. Environmental levies = just another bundle of tax sticks to beat us all with.
  • Mr M.
    Will Nuclear power cost more or less?
  • trading r.
    might be cheaper to fiddle the meter and pay the fine
  • grandma
    I guess ill just be a statistic when I die from hypothermia. But rest assured, I'm coming back to haunt those greedy bastards - please forgive my bad language.
  • Avon B.
    @ grandma You're new here, aren't you?
  • Zleet
    Require all new builds to have some form of power offset like solar panels that are subsidised by the government with any additional energy going back into the grid. Could even do some kind of OAP rollout where solar panels are installed in lieu of winter fuel payments and power generated saves money on bills so they aren't out of pocket. Maybe even extend it to social housing.
  • Bernie C.
    Just burn as much cheap shale gas as we can get our hands on.
  • james d.
    can we please stop subsidising solar
  • Dick
    What's wrong with burning wood and newspapers and dead pigeons and bits from the morgue anyway? They just turn to smoke and blow away to Scandinavia.
  • Natty
    250.000 jobs! most likley outside the UK in Europe and China, or just 20 jobs getting paid the wage of 250,000 people with Mr Edge at the top of the pile. He's not related to that bloke in U2 is he? he's a prat as well.
  • James S.
    "This is all part of the plan to replace old power plants and reduce greenhouse gases." Scary part is, according to the EU, converting coal burning to wood burning is carbon-neutral... how ridiculous is that? Refer this article: (sorry the link is so long)
  • faz
    @catweazle. You might have a point there. Just link all the treadmills in gyms across the country to a turbine and to the national grid and have all the keep fit nutters provide elecricity.

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