Cheapest energy from smallest suppliers

Cheapest energy from smallest suppliers

When looking for cheap energy deals, many stay to the tried and tested Big Six. Some price comparison sites will even fudge their results, as they'll get commission from certain companies, which means those with the most money can get favourable placement.

Well, you could be getting cheaper energy tariffs from small companies that you may not have heard of.

The folks over at GoCompare have been looking at the cheapest duel fuel energy tariffs, and the Big Six don't fare too well. Companies like GB Energy, Octopus Energy, Avro, Gnergy, and So Energy do rather well.

British Gas, EDF, Npower, Scottish Power, E.On, and Scottish & Southern Energy don't make an appearance at all on the price comparison site's top 10.

So who is the cheapest? Well, GB Energy's Fixed 12 Topaz tariff has an average yearly bill of £735, and well worth a look. Avro Energy are worth a shout too, with an average annual bill of £744 with their Simple and Connect tariff. The latter has no exit fees if you decide to leave early, too.

Ben Wilson from GoCompare says: "While some people may not have heard of several of the smaller suppliers offering 'big six' beating deals, that shouldn't put people off. These suppliers are subject to the same Ofgem licencing conditions as their bigger counterparts, and as such their customers benefit from the same protections too."

"Likewise, it is a common misconception that the actual gas and electricity provided by a small supplier could be less reliable somehow than that provided by a big energy company; this is not the case at all, and customers should not see any change to their actual energy supply whatsoever."

According to Ofgem, the smaller companies also do much better when it comes to customer service.

While GoCompare have some very handy advice, you can't actually switch through them.

You'll have to contact the new supplier directly, either by phone or online, to make the move. The process is very simple, and your new and old energy companies will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

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