Cameron to hold off green levies in exchange for cheaper energy bills for all?

21 November 2013

Bitterwallet - David Cameron David Cameron has, apparently said that the Government have got to "get rid of all the green crap" in relation to green levies. It seems pressure from The Big Six energy companies has worked, after they complained/guilt-tripped Downing Street with price hikes brought on by environmental policies.

While everyone else is guffawing about U-turns in policies (Tories have said 'Vote Blue, Go Green'), the rest of us are wondering if we'll actually see our bills go down now?

Jumping to his pal's defence on LBC radio, Nick Clegg said: "It is worth remembering that a lot of the policies that we have got support tens of thousands of people who work in the booming green energy sector, actually keep bills down in the long run because if you don't insulate people's homes today they are going to be spending more on their gas and electricity bills in the future heating their homes."

Last month, Cameron told the House of Commons he wanted to "roll back" green levies, because he's presumably aware that they've added (on average) £112 a year to household energy bills.

Historically, companies have put bills up and then crowed about price freezes, even though they sit in an inflated state. The same will invariably happen in 2014 if green levies are put on hold for a while. However, pressure is growing for an actual reduction in price from customers, but whether The Big Six will listen (or in fact, need to listen, such is their clout in the sector) is another matter.

Cameron may still say he's serious about the environment, but if he's serious about getting the public affordable energy bills, he might want to have a look at giving Ofgem a bit more muscle so they can fight our corner.

Don't hold your breath.


  • Mike O.
    Energy bills coming down? Absolutely no bloody chance. The big 6 will just cream the extra money for their £4 billion quarterly profit announcements and come up with some crap about why they can't lower bills. Probably the old "We've already paid for the fuel" ruse I expect. Which shouldnt impact on green levies I know but they're good at ripping the ass out of it.
  • fox f.
    "Get all this blue crap out of downing street" & while we're at it Cameron, if you can divert the attention away from not being in touch with reality (unless it's via your phlanx of advisors / butler), about not knowing the price of a typical loaf of bread, (waffled on about breadmakers, the wanker) ..then how about you tell s about your drug taking & we'll simply repeat the question over & over till you walk off redder faced than usual. c'mon radio 4 take him down!

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