BT Broadband suffers more outages

BT Broadband suffers more outages

BT went down, frustrating a number of customers the other day. Things didn't get sorted, which meant there was a second day of patchy service.

The telco says that this issue, which was the result of a power issue, has now been fixed.

BT said: "We apologise to those BT customers who had problems connecting to some internet services this morning."

"Internet usage is now back to normal for consumer and small business customers. A small number of larger businesses may still be experiencing some limited internet access. Engineers should have these fixed soon."

"The issue, which affected BT and other providers, was due to Telehouse North, one of our internet connection partners in (London's) docklands, suffering power issues."

"The issue affected less than five percent of our customers' internet usage, and BT took immediate action to minimise these issues by redirecting traffic."

Of course, BT need to get their finger out, because MPs are looking at their performance and threatening to split BT from its Openreach arm.

The committee of MPs have been focusing on this, thanks to BT's poor quality of service, and of course, the poor service their customers have got this week won't do much in the way of calming this talk down.

Either way, many people who rely on their BT Broadband for work have been hampered by this outage, and as such, BT should be looking at compensation for customers by way of apology.

We won't hold our breath though, eh?

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