BT Broadband hit by fault

BT Broadband hit by fault

If you're a BT customer, and you've found that your broadband has been sluggish and glitchy all morning, you're not alone.

The telco behemoth has said that some of their customers have been experiencing problems with broadband and telephone services.

BT tweeted: "Sorry, we're aware of a problem & working to fix ASAP."

In addition to that, BT's Plusnet broadband division has also been buggy thanks to these issues.

BT said that "power issues at one of our internet peering partners' sites in London" were the cause. "Engineers are working to fix things as fast as possible."

Plusnet put a statement out too: "Although the symptoms are similar to the problems reported over the last few days, upon investigation we believe this issue to be unrelated."

Of course, this nonsense comes the day after BT were criticised for not pulling their weight by MPs, so they'll be thrilled at the timing of this issue.

MPs have said that, if BT don't get their act together, then they could be separated from their Openreach business. This is something that BT's rivals have been shouting about for a while.

Either way, this issue will hopefully be solved in the next few hours.

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