British Gas to offer free electricity

British Gas to offer free electricity

British Gas are going to offer their customers who have smart meters installed, free electricity in the UK.

Customers will be able to choose whether they want their free power on either Saturdays or Sundays, as of this weekend.

The scheme is called FreeTime, and those with smart meters are going to be able to choose which day they want it, and there are no premium charges to use energy at other times, according to British Gas themselves.

The smart meters are those designed to replace the bog standard electricity and gas meters. They're fitted with a monitor which shows you just how much energy you're using.

The data it gathers is then shared with British Gas, and it effectively puts an end to bills based on estimates.

In trials with customers, British Gas say that people are saving £60 on their bills. The energy giant also says that they're the first utility to offer customers free power in this manner.

Free electricity is available between 9am and 5pm and FreeTime is fixed until March 2018.

Worth having a look if you want to save money, and could be especially useful on a Sunday if you're having a roast with the family, or it is the obligatory bath day.

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