British Gas to end doorstep selling (other providers not so sure)

12 August 2011

A lump of gas, found earlier yesterday

A while ago, we reported that British Gas were considering putting an end to those doorstep callers who come and bother you at home while you're having your tea to tell you about something you've invariably already sorted out online.

Well, it seems they're going through with it, saying that there'll be no more selling on your doorstep! Great news right?

Not quite. That's because the 300 cold-calling staff who cold-call at your door may still turn up, only this time, they'll be telling you about British Gas' home insulation.

Meanwhile, the other big energy firms aren't looking like they'll be pulling their staff off our lawns. EDF and Scottish Power have point-blank refused to end this odious practice and E.ON and npower are still dithering over a decision, presumably waiting to see if everyone applauds British Gas or not.

The only people actually stopping doorstep activity altogether are Scottish & Southern Energy, but they were pretty much forced into it after they were found guilty of mis-selling to customers.

With Scottish Power, SSE, EDF and npower all under investigation by Ofgem about dodgy practises, we can only hope that more follow suit.


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  • LS
    people need to be reminded that SSE was accused of 7 counts and found not guilty on 5 and there have been other companies found guilty of much worse. not defending what went on with SSE sales staff as I had to deal with the complaint calls from these sales. but a bit of perspective should be employed by bitterwallet.
  • martin
    i work for bg and saw the email today.. Apparently they are only stopping for 3 months then they will be back round with the old "foot in the door" trick
  • BasilFawlty
    Thank heavens for that, I changed to BG after a visit from a doorstep seller and my bill went up the next month by 25%. All they ever say when i ring to complain about it is "Well we are the cheapest" To think i left Eon for these tossers. Anyone know of a good supplier in the midlands?
  • BasilFawlty
    @ Avon. Cheers, Looks like i will be going back to them. Thanks. :)
  • BasilFawlty
    @ Avon Looks like i might be returning to EOn. Thanks :)
  • Chris
    Misread this as "British Gas to end" and was about to break open the champagne.
  • Dick
    We don't buy our gas from doorstep sellers. I think it is safer to get it piped in.

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