British Gas profits up 98% following freezing winter

British Gas

If you’re a British Gas customer who felt the pinch during the now-forgotten Big Freeze of last winter, you might be delighted to learn that the money you paid for the extra heating you needed in order to survive has all been counted up and THERE’S LOADS OF IT!

British Gas has announced operating profits of £585 million for the first half of 2010, a rise of 98%. But it’s all ‘nice’ profit though – the company have been at pains to point out that they cut their prices three times in the past year by a total of 17%. Their reasoning is that these cuts attracted scores of new customers who were dazzled by the amazing tariffs on offer.

Are you a British Gas customer? Is their reasoning an accurate description of the state of things as far as you are concerned? Talk to us in the box below.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mash have got their own take on the plight of British Gas…


  • Nobby
    @ The Daily Mash article: surely the poor oldies are better than dead ones. They could be allowed to live rent free in a sealed room and given free baked beans, thus used to harness methane. Whereas the dead ones will only give off a little gas as they decompose, although obviously you could get quite a few in each gas-harvester. Plus if they heated the room a little, then the oldies would have to strip off, and with a bit of secret filming they could make some baked bean based granny porn. The money they would make from O. A. Peados would more than offset the cost of the baked beans.
  • Gunn
    Are they really the cheapest though? I'm with EON and have found them to be cheaper. I'm not sure we should expect companies to cut prices when they increase profits, why would they want too if they have 50% of the market share.
  • piggy
    Nobby, I like your thinking!
  • Theo C.
    Yes they've cut prices but: 1. Wholesale gas prices go up a bit, retail prices go up a lot 2. Wholesale gas prices go down a lot, retail prices go down a bit 3. They are divisive about the way price drops are applied. Price rises are applied to all tariffs, except fixed or capped tariffs. Price drops only apply to some tariffs and often not the heavily promoted tariffs that many customers will be on.
  • BasilFawlty
    Strange that, I changed to BG last year and have consistently paid far more that the previous years, Not by a few pence but around 30 to 40% on average. Looks like i will be changing again this year.

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