British Gas owner to make £1.4bn profit

British Gas owner Centrica are the latest energy company to reveal whopping profits while we all freeze, trying to keep warm around a single Lambert & Butler. Energy firms have managed to become more hated than banks, which is some feat considering banks are responsible for making everyone doom-laden for the past few years.

Centrica, thanks to a number of price hikes, have cheerfully announced that they've made profits of £1.4 billion this year. Those awful, hooting bastards.

And worse yet, they've also announced that they will be increasing energy bills by 6% tomorrow because making over a billion quid of profit clearly isn't enough. Those helipads don't pay for themselves, clearly.

It has been reported that around £575 million of their profits will be generated by from its British Gas residential arm. That'll only grow in the colder months when we're all sticking the heating on. And 16 million of us are British Gas customers. This news comes on the back of SSE reporting a 38% rise in their half year profits.

Of course, Centrica are blaming wholesale price rises for our more expensive bills, but if the whistleblowers are right and these swine are fixing wholesale prices, hopefully there'll be hell to pay and we'll all get a rebate. Don't hold your breath though (unless you've got a poisonous boiler that you can't afford to have mended).



  • Michael
    £575m / 16m customers = a profit per customer of around £36. I dare say that most firms I deal with make more profit from me than that.
  • Kevin
    Well said Michael.
  • Alexis
    Every pensioner should get a leaflet when they pick up their pension pointing out that they shouldn't think a company is nice and cuddly just because they have the word 'British', 'Churchill' or the union flag anywhere in their marketing.
  • OFI
    They might be increasing prices by 6% again but at least they've sent leaflets out pointing out that if I had enough money to own a house instead of renting then I could get it better insulated. Thanks for that..
  • LancerVancer
    I see how it is, waiting for moderation. What a load of old shite. Weed and speed is all i need!!
  • LancerVancer
    Great! How is a guy supposed to keep his growhouse warm if you keep putting the prices up! Not cool British Gas.
  • Ash
    The only silver lining is that Centrica in fairness do pay their fair share of tax though. Unlike Starbucks, Amazon et al...

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