British Gas owner losing more customers

Centrica-and-British-Gas--001 The largest energy supplier and owner of British Gas, Centrica, are losing more and more customers, as more people switch away from companies they've had enough of.

Today, they said that they'd lost another 1.5% of its home energy accounts in the first quarter. Consumers are growing increasingly weary of energy companies, who have been overcharged millions of pounds of the last few years.

In 2015, 6 million households switched energy companies, looking for better service and better deals.

With this news, Centrica said that they are planning to make new deals and propositions for customers in the second quarter, in a hope to entice some people into their fold. They didn't elaborate on what that means exactly, but they'll have to act quickly, or they could lose enough more customers.

One of the reasons that the Big Six are losing accounts, aside from the general malaise and irritation at shoddy treatment, is the fact that there's a number of smaller rivals who are eating away at the larger companies market share.

Remember, if you want to switch, it is easier than ever, and you should have a look at uSwitch’s price comparison tools - there are other price comparison sites too, and you should be thorough to ensure you get the deal that's right for you.


  • Albi
    Isn't it just their elderly customers dying off over the winter? Nobody under 60 is stupid enough to go with the bloody awful British Gas
  • Fat H.
    Good news that they're losing lots of customers because they bound to be the cheapest again in Money Saving Expert's Cheap Energy Club promo tariff next time around.

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