British Gas offer 'green' savings from prices they've hiked up in the first place

Bitterwallet - British GasBritish Gas are real saints. Why? This week, they have launched a ‘green deal’ for us plebs, to tie-in with the Government’s energy efficiency scheme.

The Home Energy Plan (more on it here) offers households a fixed-term loan agreement at an APR of 6.9% to cover the costs of energy efficiency measures. This means that if you get loft insulation, a new boiler or solar panels, they'll lend you the money.

You'll be able to make repayments over five, ten or fifteen years, with the option for a plan that will allow monthly repayments to be set at less than the amount saved on bills thanks to green installations.

Householders will get a free survey with suggestions and potential savings and, according to British Gas, these measures could save households an average £322 a year and reduce gas use by 44%.

“Britain’s housing stock is some of the most inefficient in the developed world with £1 in every £4 spent on heating our homes wasted because of poor insulation. Under our offer, customers can improve their homes and save money by cutting bills – all at no upfront cost,” says Jon Kimber, managing director of British Gas New Energy.

So we can all save money and the planet? While that sounds like a good thing, what British Gas are completely failing to mention is that they're the people who are responsible for our bills rising in the first place. They're the people who hiked up our bills by 18%!

It is rather galling to hear claims of savings when you'll only be saving the money that they've stuck on in the first instance, of which you'll eventually have to pay back eventually!

British Gas - thanks for nothing.

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