British Gas might put up prices this winter - again

Despite the fact that Centrica have just announced a big sizzling, toasting, roasting, sweaty profit of £356m from the cold weather of 2012-13– British Gas say they can’t rule out price rises this winter.


As we all know, they raised fuel prices by 6% in the depths of November 2012, and the long run of cold weather and frozen spring saw customers using 13% more gas than usual. But instead of allowing their customers to benefit, BG are now mumbling something about the profit being absorbed by ‘substantially higher costs for environmental obligations and network charges.’

This is also after PROMISING customers they would use the benefits of their profitable winter to freeze prices. They announced that in May, but they didn’t confirm it, and now it seems they’re not going to bother.

Centrica’s finance director Nick Luff said the extra profits created by British Gas only equated to about an extra 70p per customer, so they wouldn’t be ruling out upping prices.

Looks like we'll all have to wear extra big jumpers this winter. Or DIE.

Thanks, BG!


  • klingelton
    Are BG and the other big 6 currently under investigation for price fixing? If not, they probably should be. Very shady shenanigans.
  • Joulupukki
    All the energy companies say they make tiny profits on selling to domestic customers, but fail to report the stonking profits they make on generating power. Their domestic sales division is then obliged to buy that energy at those inflated prices which have of course been set by... themselves. It's all smoke and mirrors.

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