British Gas makes profit in face of fuel poverty

 British Gas is to reveal a 25 per cent increase in profits, despite the fact that residential customers living in fuel poverty is also rising. Something doesn't add up there, does it?

The announcement that British Gas made £350 million, which is up from £280 million last year, will no doubt irk a huge number of customers who have seen gas and electricity bills double in recent years.

And guess what? British Gas is saying that residential customers will invariably see bills rising by a further £100 in 2012.

So, if British Gas aren't doing anything about it, can we assume that our esteemed leader, David Cameron will? Well, the last big rise in fuel poverty so the pudding faced Herbert calling a summit where the “big six” suppliers, government, the regulator Ofgem all had a big chat.

This saw bills being presented to us in a much more palatable way, but alas, didn't actually bring the price down at all.

With British Gas continuing to rinse everyone for money and no-one doing anything about it, we can all assume that this is going to get worse... and worse... and worse... until we all freeze and die over the winter of 2012, our corpses huddled around a Polaroid of a fireplace.



  • Kevin
    Fuel poverty is just another one of those terms that just means x% of people are worse off than others. You couldbe very rich and still be in fuel poverty if you were trying to heat your castle :P
  • spelling n.
    @kevin you're, short for, you are.
  • james d.
    Spelling nazi, he wasn't saying "you are castle" he was saying "your castle". Which is correct.
  • Ambulance C.
    @Bitterwallet Note that Polaroid is a registered trade mark defended every bit as stoutly as O*y*p*cs. That'll be £20,000 in used tenners, thank you.
  • Nikey H.
    Fkin hell. I am with them. Paid £2020 for gas and electricity last quarter. Need to jump ship asap. Question is who's better ?
  • Alexis
    Makes sense. The only people who go with British Gas are the elderly, as they like the name 'British'. The ageing population means more and more will fall for 'nice adverts on the telly.'
  • Willywonka`s O.
    Sleep-walking into debt chaos I tell ya!!!! Somethings gotta give.....
  • oliverreed
    Don't the French government set the price there?
  • Me
  • captain c.
    I am doing my best to reduce their profits; for the last 10 years I have been refusing to pay the £0.32 bill they send me every quarter.
  • Spencer
    Simple solution to this: Get some pikeys/ex-gas fitter/dodgey bloke down the pub to 'bypass' the meter. It's a simple job, cost me £20, took him about half an hour. I now only pay for 25% of what I use which to me... is a much fairer price.
  • Spencer
    British has aren't going to do anything about it... neither are the pigs in suits . Positive action people... If everyone did it... poor British gas would 'only' make £87.5m profit and the remaining £270 odd million could be used to... I dunno... spend on stuff in shops and help businesses from closing/help rise out of recession.
  • Me
    I use to live in a house that gas was for free. But at that time the prices were not so absurd, so we didn't feel so lucky. I still remember the guy from Botswana putting the heating on maximum and then stay in the house just wearing shorts! CUNT!
  • Weird
    @spelling nazi- FAIL. You are a wanker.

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