British Gas introduce new gizmo that will alienate the poor

British Gas

People, it’s almost 2010 and anything is possible. We now know this for a FACT because British Gas are offering their customers the opportunity to pay their bills according to the amount of energy that they’ve actually USED instead of a wacky estimate that someone somewhere has made up. Can you imagine that?

It’s all possible with the help of a new service called EnergySmart which incorporates the use of a little monitor gizmo that plugs into your meter. This will allow you to read your meter, analyse your bills, monitor your CO2 something-or-other and rate your farts by using a system incorporating the names of British Prime Ministers and the lengths of their terms in office to signify the fart-strength. For example, a weak, odourless fart would be a Jim Callahan while a rasping lingerer would be a Margaret Thatcher.

British Gas say: “Instead of issuing you with a bill we will contact you by email or text and ask you to submit a reading from the normal meter. Estimated bills were seen as a source of frustration by customers as they didn't accurately reflect the energy they had used.” Well knock us down with a damp insole, you don’t say?

Sadly, if you’re a vulnerable customer who would stand to benefit most from more accurate bills, you’re screwed. EnergySmart won’t be available to pre-pay customers or those who do not have internet access. Still, never mind, it all looks good from a PR point of view and might help British Gas out in the next round of the Worst Company In Britain 2009 fandango.


  • Frostygills
    BG really are moving into the next dimension with this! I've been with Eon (now I'm not saying they are great!) for about 10 years and for about the last 6 I've been posting my meter readings to them on their website. Viola! accurate bills without some facing gizmo.
  • Paul
    As per Frostygills comment, Southern Electric have been operating an online meter reading jobby for ageeees. You can even phone up with the reading :O All BG are doing is highlighting the fact that they haven't bothered modernising until now. Tards.
  • Mark M.
    I reckon that in the future someone will come round to your house and take the readings for you. That will then be used to give you an accurate bill. It's the future I tells ya, the footure.
  • Bett T.
    Well it sure beats the random number generator they currently use to work out bills
  • Esarty
    I've been using BG for my gas and electric for a while and have also been giving them all my meter readings over the internet too. Or at least I thought I had until I read this article.... Which website have I been putting them into if BG haven't been allowing this? Anybody seen my meter readings?? Actually from what I read the change is that customers can now pay for what they've used rather than the estimate used to spread the direct debits evenly over the year. Suits me, I'd rather leave the money my bank account over the summer than give it to them.
  • Fsck
    >EnergySmart won’t be available to pre-pay customers Obviously, idiot.
  • Giles
    Scottish Power allow you to submit both meter readings online.
  • Darren
    Problem with scottish power is that they still estimate off that reading you give them! I pay £150 a month, supposedly £40 towards a small debt of £300 £30 towards having credit on my account and then the rest on consumption, but still, every 3 months they tell me I need to top up to £185 a month... are you having a laugh??
  • Gah
    Put on a jumper if you're cold.
  • jno;
    sorry, i don't gettit :s the whole system is flawed because people submit their not-always-honest meter readings online? rite?
  • jno;
  • Callum
    And then when someone comes round to read the meter, they will get a huge bill.
  • Mandy B.
    Callum, not if they move before that happens.

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