British Gas considers doorstep selling ban

22 June 2011

"Oh hi, I'm calling about a product you've absolutely no interest in while you have your tea..."

Such is the collective loathing for doorstep sellers, that it actively gives people energy. So much energy in fact that you could probably power a town on the undiluted  seething that occurs when one of these swine disturb you in your own home trying to flog you something you've got absolutely zero interest in.

With that, British Gas are considering banning cold calling at your door because rogue rivals are giving the job a bad name... not that the job ever had a good name.

British Gas chap Phil Bentley, said that he may well pull off (fnarr) 300 agents away from the street unless regulator Ofgem sorts the market out. Ban 'em all we say.

This comes on the back of news that Scottish & Southern Energy were found to be guilty of mis-selling on people's doorsteps (a case, it is worth pointing out, that SSE are appealing against).

Bentley said: “We like to think we set the standard. We have lost sales because when someone cannot save money by switching to us, we don’t go through with it.

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which! added: “As suppliers consider their ­policies on doorstep selling, it’s important that they do not overlook other forms of cold calling.”

That's right Richard. There's no point preventing your sales staff from trudging around the streets if you're just going to ramp up your efforts on the phones because, if you hadn't guessed, most people don't answer the telephone unless they recognise the number. It's a shame there's no easy way of marking things as 'spam' in the real world.

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  • Alexis
    They'll just put even more energy into their phone harassment though. I've never had such an aggressive call from a company before British Gas bothered me last month. Would not take no for an answer. End result was me hanging up.
  • Tim
    Some people that dont have the use of the webb and know nothing about the price of gas and elec can get a good deal on the door! I had a visit from Scottish Power just 3 days ago! I know they have said there gas is going up! but this man at the door has capped my price till November 2013.. nice chap did not lie in fact he told me it would be about £30 a year more than i pay now but with capped! I sent him to see my mum as she has no internet! Mybe it is British Gas that are the ones messing it up for a good few! Who smelt it dealt it!
  • Dick
    When they ask if you are concerned about rising prices of energy, say yes, and tell them that to save heat you want to shut your front door. Then ask them to conduct the conversation through the letter box.

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