Blackouts in UK over Christmas?

electricity-meter Even though it seems like a nonsense in 2015, the UK is at the risk of blackouts this winter, according to the National Grid... and the threat of it happening is the highest it has been for a decade.

The National Grid revealed that the forecast capacity margin – that's the difference between the supply that's available, and the predicted peak demand – is at a measly 1.2%.

The energy botherers said that there's an "increased likelihood" they are going to have to use their "contingency balancing services", so they can keep the country's power on over the next few months. There'll be riots if the power goes off while Christmas dinner is being cooked.

So, in a bid to stop us all from sitting in the dark and having to talk to each other, the National Grid has had to kick up some power stations to give us all some extra power, even though the plants in question have been mothballed.

Seriously. 2015 in a developed country and we're looking at blackouts. Preposterous. Is that how bad our infrastructure has got? Someone boot the Government up the arses to sort this out. That said, there's no point talking to them, as the government want to close nine power stations by the end of 2016.

The GMB, big fans of the Tories, clearly, said: "We have the bonkers position where National Grid is using consumers’ money to pay firms to stop work in order to avoid winter blackouts. [It] hides this farce with the phrase ‘energy balancing’. That and bringing unused, inefficient power production back into operation are the special measures National Grid is being forced to rely on to keep the lights on, and the cost is added to consumers’ bills."

The government have actually commissioned EDF and two Chinese firms to create a new £24.5bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, but that won't be giving us power for a decade yet.

Stock up on candles, and buy a camping stove, eh?

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