Big Six energy firms still not good value

Big Six energy firms still not good value

The swine over at the 'Big Six' energy firms have almost doubled the price difference between their standard tariffs and cheapest deals.

On average, the difference between a standard variable-rate tariff and the best deal on the market has shot up by £147, to £329. With over 60% of households being on a more expensive standard tariffs, you can see why this is a problem.

This all follows the reports that the energy market is being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority, with accusations of marketing rigging floating around.

The CMA have said that, collectively, we're paying £1.7 billion too much every year, thanks to the failures of the energy companies.

Which!!! guy, Alex Neill, says that the watchdog are not hopefully of any meaningful change regarding any action from the CMA.

She said: "It is right that the energy market has been investigated but during this time the gap between standard tariffs and the cheapest deals has continued to soar."

"If consumer trust is to be restored in this market, the CMA proposals must bring about real change to benefit consumers who have been paying over the odds."

"The regulator must set out how it will measure the success of its reforms and ensure they will be effectively reviewed, so that action can be taken if competition and consumer outcomes don't improve."

Seeing as it is easier than ever to switch, there's no need to be stuck on a tariff, paying over the odds for no reason.

There's a host of smaller energy suppliers offering great deals at the moment, some of which you can see here. Seeing as British Gas won't offer their best deal to existing customers, which is likely to become more prevalent in the coming months from a host of energy firms, you'd be mad to stay with those who are refusing to offer you good value.

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