Are 'cheap' energy deals soon to be a thing of the past?

Bitterwallet - British Gas The government want to help us. They spotted that energy tariffs were too complicated and insisted that suppliers make things simpler. As a result, it seems that the suppliers are scrapping some of their best deals in order to comply with the government’s wishes.

According to the Telegraph and Uswitch, the major suppliers are sneakily removing some of their fixed and online saver deals. Uswitch say that the cheapest deals offered by British Gas, E.on and EDF have risen by an average of £249 since September 2010, which is a third more than rises seen by customers who have standard tariffs.

But does it mean that the suppliers are tightening their belts more in an attempt to squeeze more out of us, using the ‘simplified tariffs’ directive from Ofgem as an excuse to pull up the ladder?

Ofgem is now trying to abolish discounts that are currently offered to customers for various reasons, such as having a dual fuel account, settling bills promptly and taking paperless billing. They’re arguing that by removing ‘add-on’ discounts, consumers will be able to search for the best deals easier without having to explore the small print first.

Consumer Focus say that customers will lose out, and Uswitch have said that the numbers of consumers that are switching has fallen to a record low. Are we all of the mindset that there are no genuinely good deals any more and that switching supplier is a waste of time?

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  • Fred B.
    I use Ebico because they have no standing charge or tiers. What I dislike is that they use SSE as their billing partner so any problems have to go through them. They don't seem to be so clued up on the Ebico tariffs. I've had tremendous trouble getting my meters set at the correct rate (under/over charging) and the customer service had me running around like a headless chicken to try to pick up the correct rate via paypoint.
  • Sam
    I pay a fixed, monthly, online, direct debit with paperless billing and receive a good £100 discount when compared to my suppliers’ standard quarterly tariff. If these discounts are removed then i will change the way i pay to a quarterly ‘what i've used’ bill. This will ensure I only pay for what I’ve used but will mean my supplier won’t have my money up front. They will certainly be the ones missing out if this is done by all their DD customers, so I can’t imagine they will retain a lack of discounts if their profits take a hit.

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