Are British Gas letting you switch to their cheaper tariff?

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how British Gas were charging you too much for your energy supply. It's not their fault, obviously, it's yours for not noticing stuff, being psychic or working at British Gas. In a nutshell:

- British Gas increased the cost of the standard tariff, Click Energy 5, by up to 42%

- On the same day, British Gas introduced a new, cheaper, online tariff, Click Energy 6

- British Gas didn't tell customers about the new tariff, or transfer them to it

Sneaky, especially if you're a low income family or pensioner without computer access; not only can you not change to the tariff but there's no way you'd ever be aware of its existence. We talked to a British Gas representative and confirmed that changing to the new tariff was as simple as applying online or a quick phonecall to customer services.

Well, sort of. Just because you've asked to switch tariffs,that doesn't mean they'll get around to doing it anytime soon, as MarkV told us:

I applied to move over from standard tariffs to click energy 6 2 weeks ago. So far, still waiting. The British Gas agents can’t tell me when it will happen as they can’t migrate you to the tariff as you have to do it online.

I can’t speak to the dedicated click energy 6 call centre as they won’t talk to me as I’m not on their tariff.

Well, he's probably in a minority, isn't he? I mean, it can't have happened to anyone el-

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. And if yes, what reasons have you been given for not being to able to switch tariff.

I am and have always been a with British Gas. So you would think it would be as easy as pie to switch from one of their darn right expensive tariffs to one of their cheaper ones right?

Well 3 weeks ago I applied online to move to Click 6 Energy with British Gas. I got a reply thanking me for choosing British Gas, and today I get this email from them:

Important news about your online application

This email is regarding: Your online application
Apologies, but your online application has been delayed.

We’re doing all we can to get your Welcome Pack to you as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, due to a technical problem there will be a delay in processing your application.
We are working to resolve this issue as fast as possible and hope to have your Click Energy 6 Welcome Pack with you within a couple of weeks.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you, we hope to be able to start supplying your Energy very soon.

Thank you for choosing British Gas. You are important to us.

Yours sincerely
Chris Jansen

Managing Director, Online

As Lam discovered, even if you've always been a British Gas customer, it's entirely possible you'll be treated as a completely new customer, meaning that a) they don't know who their customers are, and b) you spend even longer on the expensive tariff.

Are these isolated incidents? Have you made the switch to Click energy 6 without a problem, or are British Gas seemingly stalling? Let us know what's going on with you.


  • RazorD
    I placed an order to switch a week ago and just received an email confirmation, but nothing else since that - they want to put up our direct debit by 33% and won't let us just pay any excess every quarter, so we switched and will pay by standing order to put us in control (because my calculations vary drastically to theirs, and they can't override the computers). Clearly if we can't get moved over by next month, we'll have to pay the new 33% increased electric bill (£100). :( Whats the number for the click energy people? I couldn't find one..
  • RazorD
    Also, they really don't seem to like me having control - i asked for standing order forms and they sent our direct debit ones which said 'your previous direct debit was damaged in the post' - Uh, okay, and then said i had to cancel the direct debit online at my account, which from what i've seen, you can't actually do. We're a low income household and they simply don't seem to care, its outrageous they're allowed to get away with it.
  • PhilC
    I cancelled the Direct Debit to BG a couple of years ago and then setup a Standing Order direct with my bank - you do not need any forms from BG the details for payment are on the BG bill. BG do not like you being in control of your energy payments! If you believe you may not be making sufficient payments just send them a meter reading every four weeks they will soon let you know.

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