Annual energy bills set to rise by £600 a year, warns Which!

By 2020, your energy bill will look like a phone number. That’s the latest news from Which! who are predicting that energy companies will have to spend £118bn on updating ageing infrastructure between now and then.
energy bills

And are the energy fat cats going to take that out of their sherry bill or are we going to pay for it? Well, what do YOU think?

Which! has written to the Treasury prior to next week’s budget with a stark warning that the upgrade to the UK’s energy infrastructure could make bills skyrocket - leaving households with an average of £2000 a year to pay. And that’s a conservative estimate. If energy prices go up, we might be looking at a whole lot more.

Consumer firebrand Richard Lloyd has his pilot light set to stun, and said:

'I don't think consumers know that this is heading their way and that decision has already been made by the Government. This is a massive chunk potentially on everyone's bills. This means one thing: that household bills are set to rise, and to rise for many people very steeply for the foreseeable future.’

Which! are campaigning for a full investigation into energy pricing. Meanwhile, we consumers will be quaking in our boots when the budget is announced, praying that we don't get shafted even further.


  • brightspark
    So they run the networks into the ground and then send us the big bill rather than putting money aside!
  • Jack S.
    Spark, you spotted the flaw with privatisation/capitalism there. Im beginning to wonder what is the biggest rip off, petrol price or gas and electric. I reckon its gas and electric.
  • Slacker
    The utilities should all be renationalised without warning.

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