Angry protesters kick up a stink at British Gas AGM

13 May 2014

Here's some proof, if needed, that everybody hates Britain's favourite energy provider. British Gas' Annual General Meeting was targeted by about 50 protesters, who were angry about rising energy prices and decided to vent that anger by banging pots and pans and making as much noise as possible.


While that seems like quite a restrained protest to me, rather than the Molotov cocktails you might expect, the protesters were keen to voice their annoyance about fuel poverty, waving banners that said 'Bin British Gas: Put Power in the Public's Hands.'

Protester Claire Welton, from the group called Fuel Poverty, said: 'It's an opportunity to draw attention to fuel poverty and energy profits, for people who are struggling to pay their bills. In the winter of 2012/13, 10,000 people died of fuel poverty. Freezing [prices] is okay but for the one in five households are already in debt, the price freeze doesn't go far enough.'

Whether the sound of pots and pans will make the BG and Centrica fat cats look up from their Foie Gras and reconsider their customer strategy is unlikely, but it's an indication that people are not prepared to put up with the current situation. Under the present structure, poor people pay higher prices for low consumption of fuel than rich people with gas guzzling Agas.

Who wants to make some placards and get down there?

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  • Alexis
    And they can fuck off with their Hive bollocks as well.

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