£50 insulation incentive from British Gas

british gas logoThe Big 6 energy companies are going on a charm offensive, thanks largely to the fact absolutely everyone hates them for hiking up prices in one of the coldest snaps in recent memory.

And British Gas are the latest to paint a big friendly face on themselves by offering to pay £50 to anyone who refers "vulnerable" family members or friends for free loft and cavity wall insulation from the company.

Referrers will get their bung for every individual on qualifying benefits whose details they pass on... and there's no limit to the number you can refer. To qualify as 'vulnerable', you must ben drawing a pension, getting certain income-related benefits or receiving child tax credit, and have an income of less than £16,190. The referrer nor the beneficiary need to get their energy from British Gas to take part, according to reports.

Jon Kimber, managing director of British Gas New Energy, said: "With household budgets stretched we know that people are looking at ways to save money. £1 in every £4 spent on heating is wasted due to poor insulation, so energy efficiency can have a massive impact."

If you're interested in taking part or exploiting this in some way, then call the British Gas insulation team on 0800 975 1195. A free survey will be arranged and all that jazz.

There's other incentives elsewhere too. E.ON is paying £100 to households that have insulation installed and Southern Electric are giving a £25 high street voucher to anyone – not just customers – who take up their offer of free insulation. We'll let you work out whether there's a way of blagging free stuff out of all of the above.


  • whatsit t.
    'To qualify as ‘vulnerable’, you must ben drawing...' Amateurish at best!
  • Pedantic
    @whatsit tooya - Shut Up whatsit tooya.
  • Mike H.
    So the scroungers benefit once again?
  • John
    Only applies to privately rented or owned properties, not council or Housing Association (which get it free anyway). It also has to include at least 2/3 of the loft being insulated, so no good if your friend/relative lives in a building with more than 1 resident (ie, flats). Taking this into consideration, there's very few on benefits who are not in social housing and are not in a building that has flats.
  • Martin
    I would like to refer lots of people for this scheme my job puts me in contact with many people who fit into this category but it is the having to give them your personal details to qualify for the scheme that is going to leave it dead in the water myself and other people in the industry can recommend thousands of people who can qualify for this .but British gas say they cannot keep my details because of data protection .But having to give out my name and address to claim the reward is braking my data protection .I think I will persuade eon to come up with a similar deal and send all the work to them the customers will want to have a hundred pounds bribe to insulate their loft rather than fifty.The reason they are doing it because they have to do 700000 more people before the end of the year or face a massive fine so now they are being forced to bribe people to take up the offer rather than appealing to their sense of doing something for the planet .Says a lot about human nature and. Personal greed if people have to be bribed to take up the offer that has basically been going for thirty years.Oh well time to fill my boots!

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