5 million could be in debt to their energy company

Being in debt to your energy company is the new credit card debt - simply everyone is doing it.

bill shocker

20% of the UK, in fact, could have a problem paying their astronomical energy bills, thanks to continuing cold weather and energy companies generally being lying, cheating, underhand bastards.

According to uSwitch, if the figures they received from the 2000 households they surveyed were applied of the whole of the UK, it would mean that 5 million of us are in energy debt - and the debt owing from unpaid energy bills would amount to a sizzling £637m. That’s a typical debt of £123 per household.

If uSwitch have their maths right, that’s an awful lot of people not able to meet the basic cost of living. But with the average energy bill now £100 more than it was last year, it’s hardly surprising.

StepChange, a debt advice charity, said that due to the extended winter, there was an increasing number of people seeking advice about energy bill payments, and that more and more people are struggling.

A spokesman for StepChange said: "We would urge energy firms to show forbearance and understanding at this time when many consumers are financially vulnerable.’

Yeah, right. I'm SURE they will. *coughs*


  • wot i.
    surprise old thatch head has the last larf, only sad thing about her death is it was peaceful and not in agony, unlike the victims of her policies.
  • Zleet
    Most of these energy companies are owned by nationalized power entities and charge their own people peanuts. Hopefully fusion will become a reality within a decade and free us from issues like this. That is unless the government sells the right to supply cheap energy and they inevitably raise the bills claiming cost of infrastructure.

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