2,700 will die this winter from fuel poverty

A new report has suggested that 2,700 people will die this winter in England and Wales – and it’s because of fuel poverty, which has trebled over the past few years.

Professor John Hills of the London School of Economics says that there are 27,000 extra deaths in England and Wales every winter. He adds: “Recent analysis attributes about a fifth of excess winter deaths to living in cold homes. Even if only half of this in 2009 is due to fuel poverty, that would still mean 2,700 deaths — more than die on the roads — each year.”

A household is regarded as being in fuel poverty if they spend more than ten per cent of their income on heating. Professor Hills’ report says that fuel poverty fell by four fifths between 1996 and 2004 – to 1.2 million households, down from 5.2 million. But it had rocketed back up to 4 million by the winter of 2009.

The government stepped in to intervene in the fuel poverty crisis earlier this week, urging consumers to, erm, shop around for a better deal.

Elsewhere, British Gas have spent some of their profits on a brand new logo.

british gas logo So that’s okay then.


  • Dick
    Think of the benefits / pension payouts it will save though. I don't see why old people complain about it. They have a lifetime's worth of clothes, since most of them lived through a war or at least in the 1950s and have a make-do and mend attitude, so put on loads of extra layers, use that bus pass to go into town at our expense, go to the main town library and stay there all day. Then go home, have your tea and go to bed. That should help cut the bills, and not a penny spent. It will help lengthen your existence on this planet.
  • Singhster
    Don't fear folks, Ofgem will ensure fuel poverty will become a thing of the past. Just trust Ofgem, it's not like fuel prices and company profits have rocketed under their watchful eye. Check out their salaries too: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/may/24/ofgem-executive-pay This was 2009, they deserve more for their sterling work.
  • zeddy
    We should just set fire to House of Commons on 5th November. Wait...shite doesn't burn.
  • Phil
    @Zeddy - Yes it does. Cows dung dried is a common fuel source. I guess that means the its good to go then....
  • Put p.
    "A household is regarded as being in fuel poverty if they spend more than ten per cent of their income on heating." I've always thought of this as a crap measurement. If you turn your heating totally off, you will spend less than 10% of your income on heating. Therefore you will be out of fuel poverty - problem solved. Of course you will die, but at least not from fuel poverty.
  • Me
    I like the new logo - at least the money is being well spent
  • Not P.
    "Even if only half of this in 2009 is due to fuel poverty" - what if NONE of it is due to fuel poverty? As has been intimated above, "Fuel Poverty" is being misused. It is simply ONE way of being able to identify "the poor" (on the basis that poor people will spend most of their income on essentials). It does not mean that you will necessarily be living in a cold home.

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