250,000 refuse to pay Thames Water bill

spring-water Water customers in-and-around London face bigger bills to make up for the quarter of a million households that are refusing to pay their bills.

Thames Water reckon that unapid water and sewerage bills rose to £93million in 2011, up nearly 90% on the year before.

Simon Evans, a spokesman for Thames Water said: "We work very hard to work out who the genuine can't-pays are - as we want to offer people help who genuinely can't afford to pay. We try to decipher who they are from the won't pays."

"There are quite a few people who just think 'They can't cut me off so I won't bother paying'."

So everyone else has to foot the bill, which will appear in the shape of  £80 a year to everyone's annual charge to pay for a new 'super sewer' and additional money will be added on, potentially £4-per-year for the 95% of people don't want to pay theirs.


  • Alex
    I suppose they can offset it against the savings they're making by not paying any corporation tax...
  • Yubbs B.
    I'd tell them to stick their bill up their arse too considering I pay tax and they don't.
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da water
  • Dave
    I used to indirectly work for a water company and one of the debt chasers there used to say they never understood why anyone paid their water bill because they can't cut you off and don't get too many rights when it comes to chasing you for the money either.

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