YouTube movie rental explodes on to UK internets

7 October 2011

reservoir dogs fig 5 Now there’s yet another way for you to watch movies without actually leaving the festering stink-pit that is your bed, as YouTube have launched their film-streaming service in the UK.

It launched in the US and Canada earlier in the year, and now there’s over 1,000 full-length movies available through a new part of the wildly popular site. They’re boasting of “blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Reservoir Dogs, to new releases such as Hanna, Fast Five, and Red Riding Hood, and even British classics like Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” which suggests that once you reach the bottom of the barrel, there’ll be an almighty cinematic stink to behold.

Films start at £2.49 (although there are some free ones up there as well) and you get 48 hours to watch your choice before it completely disappears. Enjoy, and don’t forget to get your bed sores attended to now and again.

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  • Yodhe
    Great, when you can RENT a movie for MORE than it costs to BUY on a DVD (e.g. Big Lebowski). Just shows what numpties get employed at multi-billion dollar companies thesesdays…
  • pmc
    The pricing looks to be excessive. £2.49 for a film for 24 hours when a lot there can be purchased for *life* for about five quids. Ahh looks like Yodhe beat me to this point. Altho I guess there are alot of youtube rippers out there. Will they work here i wonder?

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