Your Sunday newspaper round-up

buns As ever, here’s your round-up of Sunday paper special offers, collated for us by avid HotUKDeals member nicster08. It’s not a spectacular line-up – presumably the newspaper gurus assume we’ll all be too busy scoffing chocolate to go out and buy their wares. They’re probably right, but there’s a few nuggets of goodness nestling within their pages today. GO!

FREE - Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg - redeem at Martin, McColl, RSMcColl.
FREE - Hot cross buns - redeem at McColls

FREE - Hot cross buns - redeem at Marks & Spencer - valid to 11th.
SAVE – 2-for-1 spa breaks - redeem at Champneys

FREE - OK! Extra magazine
FREE - Mini Easter eggs Choose from Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, Caramel or Galaxy - Redeem at Poundland.

**MAIL ON SUNDAY £1.50**
SAVE - Half price water irrigation kit and timer - redeem here.


  • ExCrement
    the day we get a good value deal on something that is actually of valid interest to a normal householder is the day my whooping cock will crow. Waste of effort reading this usual but like most defectives here i continue to do it. nevermind my "cant be arsed clicking thier remove from mailing button" fixation on the groupon emailing list and anxiety on the constantly full in boxcauses me so much more upset .
  • Boris
    Merry Easter everybody. I am filled with the spirit of love and redemption today. I don't even have a bad word to say about my chum Red Ken.
  • Red K.
    Thanks, Boris. But today is now Monday, and I'm off to Tesco to have a go at them for having the cheek to close yesterday when I was after my normal bottle of brandy.

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