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toblerone_logo Cinema tickets! Toys! Some inserts about the Royal Wedding! All that and more has been skillfully inserted into this morning’s papers and if you want it, you’d better get out there and look for it. Huge thanks to rampant HotUKDeals member nicster08 for pulling it all together…

**SUNDAY TIMES £2.20**
SAVE - 2 for 1 cinema tickets - redeem at Cineworld

FREE - Star Wars Fighter Pods toy - redeem at WHSmith or Toys R US

FREE - OK! Extra magazine
FREE - Toblerone - redeem at Poundland

FREE - fuchsia plants & 100g fertiliser - postage required

PLUS - Some newspapers have inserts about the one-year Royal Wedding anniversary!


  • Mike H.
    W00t! Another Star Wars Fighter Pod for my collection: "They're just the Pods I'm looking for". Thanks guys;. Best weekend EVER. (Big hugs to nicster08)
  • billy
    Is that a picture of a bear humping a fish?
  • Bear G.
    Err no. I was just pushing it up the hill and I had berries in my hand so had to give it a 'push a-la fox'. It's a valid survival technique.
  • Mike H.
    Not that cunt nicestor08 again. You can tell it's not me above, as I would never say anything like 'woot' and star wars is for fan bois. Wouldn't asuprise me if it's that cunt nicestor, you know, the one that comes out with all those shite deals no normal person gives a flying royal bank holiday wedding fuck about.
  • graeme
    it's non of those lads, it's a penis, a loverly nice long, smooth, slippery wet warm pen... sorry got carried away thinking of penii.
  • Mike H.
  • nicestor08
    Mike is right, I am a cunt and all my deals are shit. I just post them because I believe all the people on Hotdeals like me. WOOT!

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