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wonderful If you’ve only just got out of bed and don’t know how you got home last night, it might be a good idea to go out and retrace your footsteps. If you’re passing a newspaper vendor, you might also like to take advantage of one of these fantastic offers that lie within their pages. Then go back to bed or have an ice bath or something.

FREE - Skinny Mousse - redeem at Tesco

**MAIL ON SUNDAY £1.30**
FREE - £5 OFF when you spend £40 at Tesco

FREE - Skittles Crazy Cores - redeem at Martin, McColl, RSMcColl

FREE - Ultimate puzzle challenge book
FREE - iBook download: Wonderful Tonight

[thanks to avid HUKD member nicster08]

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  • Richard
    Tesco cashiers actually telling people to go buy a mail so they can get a fiver off. Thought it was nice of them. Down side is I can't say that I've never bought the mail now.

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