Your Saturday newspaper special offers...

bumpeezlogo Thanks to rampant HotUKDeals user nicster08, here’s our regular look-see at all the bargains, offers and freebies that are almost literally spilling out of today’s newspapers. People, it isn’t great this week. Seriously. It comes to something when the best of the bunch is probably a 24-page crime magazine. Ah well....

**DAILY STAR 50p**
FREE - Skinny water - redeem at Tesco

FREE - Chocolate mousee - redeem at Tesco
FREE - Bumpeez colletable toy - redeem at WH Smith

FREE - 24 page Crime Magazine - Born Killers

FREE - River Cottage Cakes and Biscuits booklet (thanks to Lucerysmum)

**DAILY MAIL 80p**
FREE - Christmas gifts - collect tokens with Mail Rewards Club

**GUARDIAN £1.90**
FREE - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy AUDIO BOOK - 1 of 7 daily downloads

**THE TIMES £1.50**
FREE - Teach Yourself Spanish

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