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st_john_treating_a_winded_runner Good morning you… you… wallies. Sorry. Just testing that out to see if people still used it as an insult. Didn’t feel right to be honest.

Anyhoo, here’s your regular round-up of freebies and special offers that can be sniffed out of today’s newspapers, as collated by the marvellous HotUKDeals user nicster08. It’s all about quality over quantity today – show us any other website that can give you some gammon steaks, some Rice Krispie squares and the chance to learn Spanish AND save someone's life and we’ll apologise and grovel. Onwards!

FREE - £5 to spend at The Body Shop.
FREE - Helen E lipgloss & eyeliner (thanks to tasi124).

**DAILY MAIL 80p**
FREE - First Aid cards
FREE - St John Ambulance (pictured) first aid kit - token collect.

FREE - Gammon Steaks - redeem at Londis & Budgens (thanks to lucerysmum)
FREE - Rice Krispie Squares - redeem at Martin, McColl, RSMcColl

**THE TIMES £1.50**
FREE - Teach Yourself Spanish

**THE SUN 60p**
Hotels from £5.00

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    thought the times was teach yourself French not spanish?

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