Yes, this is a restaurant we'd definitely go to...

17 September 2009

A London restaurant flyer as spotted by publishing legend David Hepworth at And Another Thing...


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  • Tom P.
    "The Real Bob" will love this.
  • Martin
    God dill!
  • Craghed
    do us fink this plaice servs Alphabetti Spaghetti?
  • Gunn
    Does bad spelling = bad food?
  • Nobby,-0.105722&spn=0.008633,0.021114&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.621516,-0.105786&panoid=zMYEs7yrYYIfs_e1KjCJgQ&cbp=12,103.84,,0,6.01 There are a couple of Indians and a Greek restaurant within a couple of doors if you change your mind.
  • MrRobin
    This guy is obviously a marketing genius. He has gained all this free internet publicity from a simple flyer! OK so there's no name but a quick Google of the telephone number reveals it's Cafe Anjou in Palmers Green. See you all there for some Turkish Kebabs.
  • FrenchDetective
    Check out for reviews. Cafe Anjou. Beware....
  • The B.
    The Real Bob is very hung over and tired and still trying to get his head around this, thanks for thinking of me though.
  • ball_sack
    The real bob is a complete arse head
  • Me
    Carnt spell, problee carnt cuk either!
  • Maude
    It would have been ironic if they had selected the right "compliments". But no.

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