Why pay with cash or card when you can now pay with Paypal?

3 June 2012

paypal Faster payments in shops is the holy grail for lots of retailers, and now Paypal have busted on to the scene to offer their own inimitable service. It sounds amazing and quick as well – here’s what you have to do to get involved…

• Download and fire up the Paypal instant payment app.

• Tap in a security code

• Present the barcode that the app generates.

• Find a shop assistant who has the relevant barcode scanner.

• Get them to scan the item and the barcode on your app.

That’s it! You’ve made your purchase! MUCH quicker and simpler than handing over cash or a credit/debit card, eh? Oh.

At the moment, the service is only available in Oasis, Coast and Karen Millen stores but we’re sure it’ll soon spread like wildfire and become the new standardised way to pay for stuff in the UK. Oh yes.

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  • Shaniaa
    but i dnt have an iphone..
  • zax
    Fkers charge the retailers , who will raise the prices and which will come off my pocket!
  • fra
    yes zax, exactly the same thing as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Electron, Solo and every other payment provider does. Even the banks charge the retailer for depositing can into their accounts, this is already factored into the cost of goods to you the consumer by every retailer. In summary the PayPal method will add nothing extra to the price.
  • fra
    Shaniaa the app is available for Android phones too.
  • jaso
    what happens if you have no money in your bank account connected to paypal? you get the item for free?
  • Bob
    Leave your wallet at home and look like a complete tool when you can't get a signal on your phone and have to give all the clothes back to the assistant.
  • Bob
    Looks like "Fra" is completely behind the idea. Shame the idea itself is shit and will never catch on in a million years. Quicker than handing over your debit card and typing a pin in? Nope.
  • RBS
    Fra, i'm affraid that you are wrong. Paypal charge the retailers for taking the payment and if the customer uses their credit card to fund PayPal the retailers are changed again. So it make little sense to use this method.
  • Idi A.
    I bought a train ticket on Friday through thetrainline. If I wanted to pay by Paypal, £3.50 would be added to the cost, far FAR more than the % fee thetrainline would have been charged. Who's ripping off whom?
  • Alexis
    I only reluctantly use Paypal because eBay makes me. No way would I use it when I don't have to - if it goes wrong, you're screwed. PayPal are locked away in their castle in Luxembourg, where they don't have to answer to any authority.
  • Spencer
    PayPal would and could be brilliant.... and genuinely could change the way we pay for stuff. But they're a finance based company and therefore money grabbing profit driven evil scum. Seriously, there are 2 or 3 huge problems with paypal... sort those out... and everyone is happy....
  • Wonkey H.
    Hey Hey Hey Guys....guess what .....go on guess...you'll never guess...
  • Clunge
    I already have a Paypal debit card - the money just comes straight out my Paypal account without having to draw it down into the bank first. Also good for the last couple of days of the month when I'm skint - send money from one PayPal account to the other so that it comes out by "instant" bank transfer (which takes about 4-5 days), the cash clears instantly on the card, and I can buy stuff straight away. My own free payday loan service, compliments of Paypal.
  • Spencer
    @ Wonky Henry Erm.... You saw a turtle on its back? You walked past a bandstand? You witnessed some soil?
  • Jonathan
    I would sooner die than use Paypal except where absolutely necessary. The only time I was ever the victim of fraud was at their hands, and their customer service was almost impossible to get hold of, rude and thoroughly unprofessional. My bank is - at least - staffed by human beings who genuinely try to help when I have a problem. Why would anyone choose to use Paypal rather than their debit card? Beats me...
  • Mike H.
    Yeah... best of luck with that. What's up with a fucking credit card? If it ain't broke, DON'T TRY AND FUCKING FIX IT !
  • Paypal_survivor
    I've had plenty of bad experiences with banks, but PayPal are by far the worst. I only use it with eBay (because I have to), but when my credit card was ripped off (someone bought non eBay virtual gold) their response was "it's consistent with your use" a.k.a we'll do nothing to help you.
  • Emma
    Paypal doesn't leave the last 4 digits of payment information - whenever I have to return something somebody bought online via paypal in my store, it's always a bit of a hassle as we usually just have to take the customer's word for it that they paid with the card the money is being returned onto.
  • Gav
    Just wait for all the dodgy chargebacks to start... And as per Jonathan above; any eBay company (of which PayPal are part before anyone starts) have shocking customer service. They are rude, lie to you and are just generally a bunch of cunts. If I could slowly dissolve them in acid, I would do.

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