Who says today's newspaper journalists are lacking in imagination...?

19 June 2012

Here's some hacks from today's papers, all imagining Wayne Rooney's bedtime routine... or 'Roo-tine' as they might have called it...





  • Exit b.
    Dear god, standards are falling at bitterwallet
  • crap
    How can Bitterwallets standards fall below the level of ultra wank (especially articles written by Andy Dawson)
  • Mike C.
    Wayne's bedtime 'Roo-tine', remove hair piece, clean teeth and have a [email protected] to red hot grannies on Sky.
  • me
    You know that bitterwallet is crap when the only thing interesting you can read is the comments from the usual trolls.
  • Stevie G.
    I'm just glad they didn't pick up on me doing all that coke and then going to a club and punching a fella who I thought was a woman until I felt the meat and two veg under her/his dress.
  • James
    "standards are falling" "standards fall below the level of ultra wank " LOL well why do you bother coming back?
  • Exit, b.
    "LOL well why do you bother coming back?" In the vague hope that standards might rise to their former levels?

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