Where's the wi-fi on the London Underground?

1 June 2012

london underground tubeLondon, a great sprawling clogged-up lung of dreadfulness, is getting wi-fi down the Tubes. And Oxford Circus, King's Cross, Liverpool Street and Leicester Square are just some of the first London Underground stations to offer it as Virgin Media revealed the 80 stations that will get the service over the next couple of months.

Wi-fi will be free 'til September, which marks the end of the Paralympic Games. After that, it'll be offered as a PAYG service.

London Underground director of strategy and service development Gareth Powell said: 'Our customers will soon be able to connect to the internet for live travel information while they are on the move through stations. Bringing a next generation wi-fi service to one of the world’s oldest underground transport networks is progressing as planned and the forthcoming service is testing well."

"The first stations include some of our busiest and most well-known destinations and we’re on-track for a successful launch this summer – all delivered at no additional cost to fare payers or taxpayers."

What an incredibly boring man. Either way, we can all look forward to trying to work out who is looking at filth on their phones during their commute. Our money's on mucky MPs looking at dog porn.

Virgin Media executive director of broadband Jon James said: "In partnership with TfL, we’ve been working around-the-clock to install and test wi-fi on London Underground and are about to connect some iconic and world famous Tube stations with a wi-fi service London will be proud of.'

An internet tenner on it failing miserably at some point in the near future.

A full list of the stations can be found here.

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