Waitrose! Ban this filth!

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  • Dick
    At least draw a little line on the top copy before taking the photo.
  • Darren
    zzzzz what's wrong with a picture of a chocolate finger?
  • III
    Down with this sort of thing.
  • alano1963
    I agree! Supermarkets are for families and whats on the front of these newspapers should be monitored.
  • Richard M.
  • Rob
    It's like the least funny photo from failblog or something.
  • SecondOne
    won't somebody please think of the children
  • tony
    Oh come on people get a life and grow up, it is merely the way they have been stacked, if a Nun saw it she wouldn't even blink and eye, it is small minded people that see the intimate side of it, a small child probably wouldn't even notice it, their minds and eyes would be on other things.
  • Inspector G.
    I bet every Waitrose store has been issued with instructions to turn the leaflets the other way up.
  • zeddy
    @tony: why would I want to grow up and be a miserable old bastard? Weekend cock. Just what the ladies look forward to all week.
  • Dick
    They'd have to be a fucking big small child to see it from that angle. Or being carried.
  • Paul
    I don't understand the comments posted here - it's just funny! :D
  • Ken
    It's a picture of Heston Blumenthal. Just shows what a dickhead he really is.

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