Vodafone store blockaded by banner-wielding protestors

Last week, in the wake of the ConDem coalition’s spending review, we highlighted the fact that Vodafone had somehow weaselled their way out of paying a £6 billion tax bill to Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs – a figure that almost equalled the cuts made to the welfare budget.

Over the last couple of hours, news has reached us via @nmec on Twitter that protestors have cropped up outside Vodafone’s Oxford Street store in the middle of London’s fashionable Oxford Street. Is this as a direct result of Bitterwallet? We’d like to think so (although we’d almost certainly be wrong).


As you'd expect, John Law soon turned up and spoiled the fun...


@nmec reports that 20-30 protestors gained entry to the store before being shepherded away by police, who have now cordoned off the store completely. Sounds like it's a story that isn't going to go away in a hurry....


  • kev
    "Vodafone’s Oxford Street store in the middle of London’s fashionable Oxford Street" ORLY?
  • -]
    Good on them.
  • WhistlingBlower
    Anybody else just make the simple assumption that the only people able to "protest" at 11am on Wednesday morning are likely to be keen users of the benefit system anyway? These would be the same people who cant find work in the city centre but still want to claim more than £400 per week for rent in the city centre... I guess it means they have less distance to walk to make a pointless protest.
  • -]
    No, what a shit assumption. The people in the photos look like a lot like students to me. You know, those people getting massively in debt to study. Not benefits claimants at all. Not that it would matter if they were benefits claimants, tit.
  • Graeme
    well played to them i say
  • evil r.
    big handshake to the md (6bn)weldone for fucking the uk, now send all the firefighters telefone numbers to the spamers
  • christy
    It's good that public awareness of this blatant corruption is raised. I find it staggering that this shambolic company manages to make so much profit.
  • Andy W.
    Top marks to these plucky angry people. Sign the petition! We've been running a twitter campaign since last thsurday: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/40035.html Send a message to the government that we simply will not up up with the cosy relationship between government and big business while george osborne brays from the front benches like the tax-avoiding rich kid he is. It's time to revolt.
  • zax
    Only people you ever see in protests are bloody East Europeans!
  • andy y.
    Christy what blatant corruption is this?
  • The B.
    Of course they're students, look at the one with different coloured laces on his moccasin type shoes, how wacky and zany is he? Whatever happened to the student days of silly haircuts, not getting out of bed before midday and Newkie Brown for £1 a bottle?
  • Si
    Apparently it's not uncommon for big corporations to negotiate lower taxation with HMRC! WTF? Why the hell is this allowed to happen? I realise they employ people in the UK, but where's the benefit in having the company registered here if they can then weedle out of paying their fair share of tax?? Bloody ridiculous! Just another example of how big corporations and politicians shit all over the little man in the street.
  • Nobby
    Why not publish every company's name that have managed to negotiate a lower tax bill? The protestors will have their work cut out. I wonder how many of them still use vodafone?
  • vodafonelol
  • alan a.
    wtf?!?! is dis real?!?!
  • charlie
    It's not fair!, wish I was a big company and weasel out of pay any tax on my pay. Life would be grand!
  • Tim
    As students I doubt they've ever paid any tax other than VAT. I bet their opinion on paying tax will change once/if they get a proper job and have to start paying it, especially considering the massive debt they'll have. To quote Lord Clyde "No man in this country is under the least obligation, moral or otherwise, so as to arrange his legal relations to his business or to his property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel into his store"
  • GMail U.
    "Save our welfare state" = fuck that, i'd rather Vodafone have it than some work shy soap dodgers any day... at least Vodafone do give something back unlike the work shy of this country.
  • Geoff
    But lets not forget – WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Unless we work for the tax department of Vodaphone and happen to be a close associate of the head of HMRC. Or you’re George Osborne with his missing 1.6m inheritance tax payment….
  • BOB
    Their (vodaphone) also trying to wiggle out of a huge tax bill that is owed in India, done it once, hell lets do it again.
  • The M.
    Im disgusted with this and will no longer be accepting calls from anyone who uses Vodaphone ...unfortunately this includes my wife and my mothers numbers.
  • Whisky
    @ BOB It's they're http://www.wikihow.com/Use-There,-Their-and-They%27re FFS.
  • BOB
    Thank you Whisky the spelling police and spelling link DH, got nothing better to do then go and join the next protest FFFS
  • Nobby
    @ BOB (and Morganator). It's vodafone, nto vodaphone. No-one uses "ph" any more. Get with the phucking times.
  • Nobby
    not not not not not stupid phucking fingers
  • Whisky
    @ BOB That should be FFS not FFFS.
  • christy
    @ Andy of Yarm Tax isn't taxing if you've friends in high places, and millions of paye mugs too pick up your bill.
  • yippy Y.
    I hope the police didn't move them on as they are actually out to save their jobs.
  • yippy Y.
    @Bob you really can't work out how to read another F in there?
  • andyofyarm
    @christy Yes that's true,but you accuse Vodafone of being corrupt,which is a serious accusation,Are you saying they are corrupt for avoiding tax,or do you have evidence or something more sinister? About 8million people avoid tax by having an ISA account,are they corrupt? I'm no apologist for big businesses which specialises in overcharging punters for crap service. However if you want to make a stand ,don't ruin it by making bullshit allegations.
  • Maggie T.
    ISAs aren't avoiding tax. Vodafone were. Corrupt scum.
  • Fred
    Good job they've not made cuts to the police budget then or none of them would have been able to turn up to guard the store!
  • Pinto
    Its a good job there's zero crime inLondon these days, and the police force can therefore spare at least 11 officers to look after what, 8 students? How about sending your spare policemen up to blackpool where the shoplifting, dole scrounging, special brew drinking scum these students are so desperate to save are everywhere - Although I did get pulled over the other day for a "Winter Safety Check", so maybe there's no crime to deal with here either.
  • Tim
    @Maggie Thatcher - Tax avoidance is legal anyway and you have every right (and even should be thoroughly encouraged) to avoid paying tax if it's legal to do so. Evasion is not legal.

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