Tube Strikes: They're not over yet

london_underground_sign We may have been a little hasty in hoping that the strikes on the London Underground were coming to an end. It looks like there's more on the way, with staff threatening to down tools in a row over safety on the Tube.

The Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) said that their members are going to be balloted to see if they want to take industrial action, unless the bosses at London Underground actually sit down and talk with them.

The TSSA have said that they've been asking management to meet with them, so they can talk about the responsibilities of staff.

The union's general secretary, Manuel Cortes, said, about London mayor Boris Johnson: "He has never replied and LU’s repeated refusal to engage on crucial issues with union negotiators is now straining the patience of those charged with keeping the Tube running safely."

As such, Cortes feels that striking is an option, and has written to the bosses of the London Underground, where it is made 'crystal clear' that a walkout is possible, unless this dispute is sorted out by next week. Other unions are involved too, with the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) involved in an argument about safety on the Underground.

Steve Griffiths, Chief Operating Officer at London Underground, said: "Safety is always our top priority and we have robust and comprehensive procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff. TSSA’s threat to ballot for strike action is unnecessary – we urge them to continue to talk to us to resolve their concerns and avoid subjecting Londoners to another pointless strike threat."

Here's our guide to navigating London during a Tube strike.

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