Travel on London's Underground for less

5 January 2009

Getting around London costs a small fortune; it's a fact that many city brokers have second jobs as escorts, pole-dancers and filthy hookers who'll let you do it all with the big light on. Compared to other major cities around the world, London's underground is overpriced, but you could save a tidy amount of cash when travelling on it, with the help of a new website.

While the Oyster prepay cards has been prevalent for the last few years, plenty of commuters still buy Travelcards to traverse the capital, which offer unlimited travel. If you're not sure which will save you the most, give a whirl.

Answer a handful questions on when and where you travel most often, and the site will determine how much you're likely to spend if using cash, Travelcard or Oyster. You'll still get the same number of rats, delays and inconvenience of an underground system that shuts down before the bars and restaurants do, but you could pay less for it. Good.


  • Bob
    Ah, but that all depends doesn't it? My travelcard doesn't rip, is still useable when it bends and doesn't snap if you sneeze in it's general vicinity, after my 4th Oyster in 6 months cracked I gave up on the useless pieces of shit.
  • Paul S.
    I've had my Oyster card since August 2004 and it's still fighting fit. Yours must have been wonky.
  • Mark
    Bob: Get a Barclaycard Oyster credit card thingy... its oyster... but credit card strength!
  • Ducky
    I keep my oyster in my back pocket. It gets sat on by my lardy bum and it's still perfectly fine...
  • Ben
    Had my Oyster card since they first became available to buy. Don't use it all that often as needing to get a train into central London means a travel card is generally cheaper, but it's still going as strong as can be!
  • rr
    only useful for wasters who only work a few days a week

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