Traffic cop ignores the law - bring back Dixon Of Dock Green!

-6 Following yesterday’s expose of a couple of members of the DVLA clamping team flouting the law and parking on some double yellows wihile they scoffed their chips, here’s another example from an avid Bitterwallet reader of authority gone crazy on the nectar of power.

Our contributor, Steve Blag, tells us

[The DVLA story] reminded me of this little tosser, who I was following on my not un-macho Vespa one morning when, after committing no fewer than 10 endorsable offenses (overtaking on a crossing, overtaking the wrong side of a traffic island, speeding etc etc), stopped as illustrated in the photo.

"No!" I can hear the PCC screeching - "it was an emergency"!

"Fuck off!", I say! There are no emergency lights, the brake light is on, his foot is down, and he's stopped in a fucking cycle-only area after behaving like a prized toolbox for some time. Pogo on that, you twats. etc etc etc.

Eeeeeeeeh, it makes my blood boil. I never stop in those.....

Obviously, as photographing a police officer is some kind of offence now, we’re probably all going to jail for showing you this picture, even though someone appears to have dumped a blue sack of rubbish by a bin further up the road. Surely that’s a more heinous crime?

If you spot an authority figure acting like a bit of a hypocritical tit end, you be sure to get some evidence and forward it to us here at [email protected] - the more we get, the less likely we are to run pictures of pricing mistakes in supermarkets.


  • Nobby
    How about that picture from a few years back of Prince "Willy" taking a piss?
  • Nobby
    WARNING - the above is NSFW as it contains the Royal Todger.
  • thepearce I'm sure if it were someone else they'd say "ignorance is no excuse"....
  • IanM
    Looks like the Steve also had his Vespa in the cycle lane ... Still, whenever I've been questioned about my use of a "powered two-wheeler" in a 'cycle lane' I've just pointed to my tax disk which clearly states "Bicycle". It tends to shut them up for a while (apart from the smart-rs who can quote the relevant law/statutory instrument saying otherwise) :-D As a biker - you have to take whatever advantage you can against the metalbox drivers....
  • Phill
    Such a shame that Andy Dawson cannot make a complaint without using such a foul mouth. While he may dislike the police there are many respectable people who equally dislike a self rightous foul mouthed Yob and praise the police for dealing with these idiots under the Public Order Act
  • Phill F.
    Sorry Andy - made a mistake. The comment was placed by Steve Blag. There see anyone can make a mistake. Hope I get forgiven and attacked with a barrage of swear words :-)
    • Andy D.
      Fuck off Phill.
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Phill | February 17th, 2010 at 1:22 pm "Such a shame that Andy Dawson cannot make a complaint without using such a foul" It was Steve Blag making the complaint, idiot.
  • The B.
    Bet you feel like a right cunt eh Phil?
  • Me
    I can't stop giggling at William's willy. Do men all hold themselves like that when they pee?
  • james d.
    its only illegal to photograph a police officer if it' "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism"
  • ButterMan
    And what makes it "likely to be useful"? @Me - I can't even work out how he's holding it. Looks like he's eschewed the drip-dry or shake-out in favour of an improvised mangle effect, but I can confirm that no, we do not all hold ourselves like that. And kudos for avoiding the construction "Do men all hold it like that when they pee?", to which the obvious answer is of course "I rarely if ever hold a prince's penis when I'm urinating".
  • Steve B.
    @james dewitt yeah, I went on to see Lady Gaga in concert shortly after taking this photo...
  • wombat
    @Steve Blag I'm impressed that after the traffic cop's 10+ offences (including speeding , overtakings etc.) that you were still close enough to take the photo without breaking and laws yourself... Oh wait - you're in the cycle lane - that's one for starters ;-)

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