There's been some changes


As you can see, there's been some changes with Bitterwallet. Everything looks different and things are in different places!

It's okay, don't worry. Calm yourself. Everything is going to be just fine.

We're still going to be shouting at companies who irritate us, offering guides on how to get what is rightfully yours, hitting you up with deals, and continuing our slightly obsessive quest to get McDonald's to do an all-day breakfast in the UK.

There's inevitably going to be a few bugs that need ironing out, but stick with us while we sort them out.

For those who don't like change, feel free to chide us in the comments. For the rest of you, business as usual.


  • RSS

    Rss feed only has the title of the article and no content - I may be the only person still using RSS but still

    • Smylers

      Yeah, only having the headline in the RSS feed is definitely worse.

      Also, I wasn't impressed that ‘Connect with Twitter’ was requesting permission to be able to post Tweets on my behalf and update my profile — why on earth does a website comments section need to be able to do that?

    • Griff

      yup.  I use RSS in Outlook, and now don't see any content.  Much the same as the RSS feed on the actual site.

    • flabgood

      Ditto this, I am outraged....OUTRAGED!!!!

    • Xyz

      yeah. Come on, fix the rss

  • jaffacake

    ugh! Sorry but the new style seems rather "dumbed down" :-(

    • RobbieJ

      Agree its Not Very Good or to put it another way its Crap - bring the Old Style Back...Please

  • jaffacake

    for instance, i can't read each article in full by scrolling through the page, instead i have to click on each newsy item to get beyond the second sentence. tiresome?

    • jaffacake

      i will not visit this site for a month, if the format is still terrible then i'll choose somewhere else for my whimsical and informative look at current news and information. Hopefully if others do the same we can convince you that the new format is a major disadvantage :-) thanks for being so excellent up til now!

    • JonB

      I agree. That's the most annoying part of the re-design. I liked the way that it was like a newsfeed all on one page. Having to open each story to read it is a PITA. Can't you have a user setting which displays all the story in one go?

  • youngatwork

    Bring back the deals of the day! 

  • BitterJames

    The stories themselves no longer appear in my RSS reader (only the headlines appear). Could this be fixed please? Thanks

  • Frank

    Ooh, HTML5.  Ooh, built for mobile.  'Bye Bitterwallet, it's been fun.

  • bumder

    New format is shit. You need to sort out how much information you see above the first fold before scrolling.

  • GrottyScrote

    We want a proper feral trolley please.

  • Raggedy


    Have to agree with Jaffa here (and also be impressed that he's taken time out from saving Newcastle United FC from relegation to comment).

    Pictures are taking up too much space to get the whole article in one glance.  I used to think it was tiresome to get the article and then have to click again to get the Comments.  All well and good for the clientele who can't read but I'll say it's good if I don't keep getting moderated. :-)

  • Raggedy

    Oh for crying out loud!

    Does the absence of my comment mean I'm STILL being moderated? How the hell am I supposed to know? If there's no indication of comment posted or comment awaiting moderation, you can take this antiquated Emperor's Clothes system and shove it. Nice pictures shame about the antiquated system.

  • marvingaye

    There seems to be a problem, the feral trolley of the week is not loading.

  • CJN

    Well, I like  it.

  • MIAM1

    Bit annoying that you have to click on each individual story now to read it in full. I understand this gets more stories further up the page, but maybe a show/hide technique would have been better than a full page load for each story. 

  • plusman

    Agree with previous comments about the issue of having to click on each individual story to read it in full - it was much easier to be able to just scan each story in full. Please bring back this option.

  • nick

    Not good. I really don't want to have to click through to read each story. It wasn't broke. Why fix it?

  • littlesos

    Signed up, just to say I don't like this....  the pictures are too big (and what's the point?) and you have to click to open the stories.  The old way was fine.  

  • Griff

    Used to use the RSS feed in Outlook, but now there's no content, just a title. Much the same as the RSS on the actual site. Why change the RSS feed?

  • Yuck

    Now you look like EVERY other crappy website. I'm expecting a "Bet you didn't know these celebrities had died" story soon. 


  • Rob

    Agree with others that clicking to view the whole story is a irritation and would prefer to see the enire story as before.

  • Alex

    The lack of post content in the RSS is a huge negative here.

  • shiftynifty

    As a long term admirer of BW, I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms , I mean first you took away deals of the the feral trolley...where will it all stop...

  • Raggedy

    Come on people, time to fess up.

    The only reason you changed the format is to finally get rid of the Feral Trolley Of The Week!

  • Edward

    Yeah. +1 on the broken RSS. In my digg reader it seems to double up on the posts too, see here:

  • BSS

    Can I be able to read full articles in my RSS feed instead of just the title back please?

  • BSS

    Can I have full articles instead of just the title in my RSS feed back please?

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