The train journey you'll probably need to train for

More railway-based madness. If you’re looking to make the hop from Kettering to London on May 23rd, you’ll need the stamina of a thousand mountain goats, the guile of a chess grandmaster and the common sense of Kirk from Coronation Street.

Usually your journey would take you an hour or so, but thanks to bank holiday engineering works, you can look forward to an 18-hour jaunt incorporating seven changes, five bus rides and a short hop on the London Underground. Oh, and did we mention the overnight stay in Milton Keynes? Yeah, there’s that as well.

Here’s the itinerary for the trek, as found on the East Midlands Trains' website:

Don’t all rush and buy your tickets at once (although as a eye-catching one-off charity event, you could do a lot worse.) East Midlands Trains have said they’ll be putting on an alternative service from Kettering via Leicester and Peterborough which clocks in at a lithe, nimble three hours and two minutes, but that tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. Suffice to say, when they do, the website will probably crash with the overwhelming demand.

[The Register - thanks to reader William Burton]

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