The most important news story you'll ever read. Ever.

The printed word is dying, you say? Consumers are turning their backs on newspapers? Nonsense and piffle! Not when there are stories like this, plucked from the pages of the Harrogate Advertiser.

Not only is there world-class investigative journalism afoot, but the story includes this world exclusive on the environmental damage to fresh fruit: "It was a beautiful yellow to start with but after a while it started to go brown."


Bitterwallet - straightest banana ever!

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  • I f.
    It curves on both ends. Ok it's fairly straight overall, but it's still a little curved. I feel sorry for the poor journalist that had to go and cover this piece of crap story.
  • JP
  • Whisky
    I've had straighter.
  • Darwinator
    As a Harrogate resident myself I can say WTF IS DIS REAL???. We are more well known for massive amounts of drug use or downloading porn!!. That or dogging in Hookstone Woods well eating a Betty's Cream Tea.
  • Morocco
    It's not as bad as that one your printed a few months back about that stupid bitch who couldn't find any custard in her local shop
  • Dirty F.
    On par with bitterwallet articles..
  • Morocco
    "If I can't do anything else with it, I will eat it."?!? WTF... what else could she possibly do with it... apart from... no, not at her age, surely? Disgusting.
  • Jabba S.
    What a GILF.
  • piggy
    Did it turn brown after sliding it up her chocolate starfish?
  • crap
    pot kettle black. otherwise known as bitterwallet is a pile of shit sometimes.
  • Codify
    What a splendid article
  • magicbeans
    why did u crop out the banana facts underneath!!!???!!
  • joanne
    you lot all see banana...I see an edible dildo...end of
  • Jack
    WHAT THE FUCK!!!! The world has gone mad. "Rumour mill spuriously suggested Brussels wanted to ban the food" well there is still regulation for this in the EU - (EC) 2257/94 bananas must be "free from malformation or abnormal curvature".
  • The B.
    I know her (in the biblical sense) and she likes nothing more than a nice hard straight banana being rammed down the back of her throat.
  • Klingelton
    Gigerty goo.

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