The fastest police car in the west (country)

ariel atom police car Avon and Somerset police have taken delivery of an Ariel Atom.

At 155mph - and looking a bit Lego-y - it is literally now the fastest police car 'on the road'.

It weighs 612kg, does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, has speed-friendly blue lights and the coppers reckon they'll be using it to chase after speeding motorcyclists and the like. Although a wave of Facebook avatars of policemen sitting in it looking all speedy is the more likely outcome.

The Ariel Atom is thought to be the quickest police car in the world, able to outrun the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia used by Italian officers, the Audi R8 driven by German police, and the Ferrari FF used in Dubai.

And aside from all the VROOM VROOM big boys toys aspect of it, the car is basically going to be used as a promotional tool to encourage riders to be a bit safer, as there's been a 30% increase in bike deaths in the area this year so far.

Fancy that!


  • PC S.
    Aren't there scenarios that the po-po won't enter into single handily and require two officers?
  • Ted t.
    Most police forces don't chase motorcycles due to the risk to life.
  • jokester4
    @PC Stamp: Yes, but luckily the Ariel Atom has 2 seats :) I'm not quite sure though how this car will help the police to ignore real priorities and concentrate on harrassing innocent civilians and prosecuting people for victimless crimes??? Or is that just my local police force?
  • Sammy P.
    Police in my area instantly call off moped pursuits. The atom in my opinion is just for show and PR unfortunately.

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