TfL announces fare increases

31 December 2014

london underground tube As if Londoners aren't paying enough for public transport, the fares in the capital will be going up again.

On average, ticket prices will increase by 2.5%, with the TfL are saying is to be reinvested into the transport network.

So what's the craic? Well, here's the price increases for all of you crackers enough to live in London.


No more Anytime 1-2 Day Travelcard (£9.00).
Anytime 1-4 Day Travelcard will increase from £11.40 to £12
Off peak 1-5 Day Travelcard will increase from £8.90 to £12
Anytime 1-6 Day Travelcard will be frozen in price at £17


Pay as you go single fares will increase by 1p (off peak single fares outside zone 1 are frozen)
Cash single fares in 1-6 will increase by 30p to £6
No season ticket will increase by more than 2.5%.

Boris Bikes

From 2nd January a flat £2 per 30 minutes fee is being introduced after the initial free 30 minute period for Barclays Cycle Hire.
The £2 daily bike access and £90 yearly membership stays the same.


Pay as you go single bus and tram fares will increase by 5p to £1.50
Daily ‘bus & tram travel only’ cap will be frozen at £4.40.
Seven Day Bus & Tram Pass will increase by 80p to £21.

There is no change to concessionary travel rates. You can see all the price increases at the TfL website.

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  • sarah r.
    Its stupid going up every year yet our wages or benefits don't think u need to live in the real world
  • Arthur
    If you choose to live in London you should epxect to pay the heavy price.
  • Anthony
    Posted by Arthur • January 4, 2015 at 12:15 pm If you choose to live in London you should epxect to pay the heavy price. Pathetic
  • bogbrush
    Transport in London IS better and (comparably) cheaper than in most parts of the country though.

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