Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's year that was - numbers 6 and 5...

On we go with our run-down of the most-eyeballed Bitterwallet stories of 2009 – today we fix our gaze on numbers six and five. Oh, the sweet, sweet memories…

Bitterwallet - Circle line on the tube breaks down 6: Tube breaks down, so does platform announcer at Farringdon

The sixth most-viewed story of the year occurred as recently as the second week in December. It was the morning after the HotUKDeals Christmas party (hello Acecatcher!) and our on-the-spot reporter Paul Smith was standing around on the platform at Farringdon tube station, somewhat dazed and confused and wondering when the train headed away from his headache would arrive.

That train never came as there’d been a typical balls-up further down the line, but the station announcer entertained everyone with his wry running commentary on the breaking news.

Like some kind of proper journalist or something, Paul recorded and reported the announcer’s blatherings and before long it was all over the internet and in the national media like stink on a monkey. Did he make a viral? We’re still waiting for confirmation from the Elders of the Internet.

Slightly more popular than our story ‘Paul accidentally records himself doing a poo.’

chicken-can-35:  Who’s hungry for a whole chicken in a can then?

At number five in our chart of the year, we’ve got the poultry-shaped gift that keeps on giving. Every time we hark back to this one (originally brought to you in April) a whole new raft of readers are made to feel sick and their brains are changed irrevocably for the worse.

It’s Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chicken, and there’s no major expose, no scandal and no trampling of consumer rights. It’s just the disgusting sight of an entire chicken that’s been jammed into a can. Sweet Sue ain’t as sweet as she likes to pretend she is folks.

Slightly more popular than our story ‘Competition: stuff a chicken in a can and win a £3 book token.’

Numbers four and three in the chart of 2009 coming up tomorrow. Or on Saturday. Maybe Sunday. It could even be Monday – it depends how the whole New Year’s Eve thing goes. Meanwhile, catch up with numbers ten down to seven here.

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  • Junkyard
    Pff, I read that chicken in a can story in The Times in 1864, you guys are rubbish.

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