Talk Talk open new Xanadu for customers

talk talk logo Telecoms giant Talk Talk are trying to make themselves look a little bit groovy these days. They recently railed against the Digital Economy Bill, vowing to refuse to co-operate with The Man when it comes to shutting down the accounts of file-sharing offenders.

Now they’ve gone a bit Apple and opened a swanky new ‘Customer Experience Centre’ slap bang in the middle of London’s fashionable London. On the ground floor there’s free internet along with some chaps and chapesses that will help you with your Talk Talk queries, or maybe just try to flog you stuff.

But on the first floor, if you’re already a Talk Talk customer, there’s an exclusive ‘customer lounge’, with hot and cold refreshments, and ‘relaxed surroundings.’ Which had better be scatter cushions and free segments of Terrys’ Chocolate Orange.

Any of you lot been in to this Broadwick Street pleasuredome yet? Let us know what it’s all about then.


  • Gray P.
    Does it have caverns measureless to man? A sunless see? How big - twice five miles of fertile ground perhaps?
  • Gray P.
    sunless see? sea. Unless you are dutch or something
  • speedski
  • Joanne
    all I heard was chocolat orange.....mmmmmmmmmm nyom!
  • Ashley H.
    Shame they're hands down the worst ISP i've ever had the misfortune to deal with.
  • kully
    Worse than Tiscali? Is that possible?
  • Mark M.
    We had a terrible time with them too. They also did the LLU thingy without telling us, so when we wanted to get away from them, BT wanted to charge us. They gave in eventually though. The Indian call centers were some of the worst I have ever used too.
  • gorgeous_(b)anny_flaps
    Hate Talk Talk. So bad
  • SJT
    @kully - Tiscalli have been taken over by TalkTalk.....
  • Merge S.
    @SJT Tiscalli+TalkTalk what a merger. Sounds like Gary Glitter+Ian Huntly dream team to me.

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