Survey shows that men are grooming themselves daft

groomed man A incredibly important survey has been undertaken, showing that more than nearly half of you men have started grooming. This isn't a reference to Operation Yewtree, but rather, that they've started using facial moisturiser.

On top of that, 22% are using cleanser, 16% like facial wipes with 7% using eye gels and 6% using face masks. There's no figures for men shaving their balls, sadly.

It is a lucrative business too, with the skincare market rising by 3.5%, raking in £58 million in 2012. Meanwhile, the women's market fell to £615 million.

Charlotte Libby, Mintel's household and personal care analyst said: "Many of the nation's men are adopting a regular skincare regime... but a lower proportion of men use facial skincare products than women, and 19 per cent are only using them when their skin visibly needs it."

"Encouraging men to take a more preventative approach could help drive even more sales."

Apparently, this comes on the back of the news that blokes are costing female partners an estimated £237 a year by nicking their beauty products. Two-thirds of women claimed their fellas were using their products in secret and that, it seems, men seem to have an eye for the more expensive stuff. Blokes might be getting their own back after years of women using their fella's razor to do their hole with.


  • Touchwood
    I'm appalled ......"to do their hole with." It should, of course, read "with which to do their hole."
  • fibbingarchie
    Well there's £58 mil a year that would be better spent on fruit, veg, oily fish and exercise equipment. If you think a bit of over priced cream is going to stop your pock marked, cunt-ugly munter of a visage looking any better then you're nothing but a marketing man's wet dream.
  • fibbingarchie
    substitute 'stop' for make :)
  • Mike O.
    and 'look' for looking. you UFM.
  • james
    "Study shows that men are just as gullible as women when it comes to slathering useless crap onto their faces."

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